KAT - 5 years old (a close friend of Wolfoo)
- Personalities: Intelligent, like a young expert, strong, calm (but often cry when her toys are stolen), knowledgeable, but not perfect. Often being a arbitrator for Wolfoo and Pando.
- Characteristics: Pushing glasses to think, not good at singing, often use fake books to investigate when encountering difficult situations.

KAT’S DAD (Mr. Kat)
-Occupations: Scientist (Crafting and possessing many modern objects)
-Personalities: Serious, enjoy doing scientific researches and not like other things
- Characteristics: Often have smudged image appearance, then wipe off dust to be clean. He usually looks glassy-eyed while thinking.

KAT’S MOM (Mrs. Kat)
- Occupations: teacher
- Personalities: A standard teacher, knowledgeable, happy and loves students
- Characteristics: She is a close customer of Wolfoo's mother