Top 5 best Wolfoo's theme gifts for kids on Easter Holiday

What is Easter Day? Easter is one of the most important holidays in the Christian calendar. It is an exciting time for kids as they have an Easter egg hunt and a bunny mascot. However, not many of them know the cultural meaning of celebrating Easter Day. Let Wolfoo helps children understand why we celebrate Easter as traditional culture.

The meaning of Easter Day

Easter Day is the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to Christian history, Jesus was crucified on a Friday (Good Friday) and rose again three days later on Easter Sunday.

However, children, especially preschoolers, may be scared and have difficulty understanding Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Parents can tell them Easter is all about God's love for us. The simple way to explain to kids is that Jesus, the one and only son of God, had to die and rise again. So that everyone's sins could be taken away and people could be with God again.

Easter Day 2023 occurs on Sunday, 9th April. Easter Day is a movable feast as Easter falls on the first Sunday after the full moon occurs on or after the spring equinox, between 22nd March and 25th April.

The word ‘Easter’ comes from the old English name for April, Ēosturmōnaþ (meaning Easter month), which was named after Ēostre, the Pagan goddess of spring and fertility.

Since eggs are the symbol of life and rebirth, eggs are associated with Easter, connected to springtime and the celebration of the resurrection. And the Easter Hare, who was said to decide whether children had been nice or naughty to receive Easter eggs, is the idea of the Easter Bunny comes from. The Easter egg hunt and Easter Bunny are an engaging way to connect children with Easter Sunday. However, everyone should not let these activities detract from the purpose of Jesus’ resurrection.

Easter is a time to celebrate and honor Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death, as well as His glorious assurances of eternal life for those who put their faith in Him. Parents can leave a positive reminder for their children that everything is possible because of Jesus’ love for them so kids would be excited to celebrate Easter Sunday and appreciate its religious meaning in a new way.

Parents can help children learn and celebrate Easter by giving presents that represent new life, a new beginning, or have educational meaning. Stuffed animals, such as Wolfoo and Lucy Soft Plush, represent a new beginning in the spirit of Easter. Children can learn to love, be responsible with their ‘friends’ and care for them the same way Jesus cared for everyone. Or parents can buy their children who love Wolfoo cartoons some adorable Easter T-shirts from Wolfoo World Store. With these t-shirts, children will remember the meaning of celebrating Easter Day: thanks for the new beginning Jesus gave us.

5 meaningful presents for kids on Easter Day

Next, we will suggest you top 5 meaningful presents on Easter Day for children, especially Wolfoo’s beloved fans

1. Cheerful Wolfoo Soft Plushie & Cheerful Lucy Soft Plushie (gắn link sản phẩm)

Wolfoo and Lucy Soft Plushies are the first items people think of when it comes to gifts for children on Easter Day. Plushie is a familiar toy for kids, which kids can play with or hug in their sleep. Through the plushies’ meaning as a new beginning, parents can remind their children about the new beginning that Jesus sacrificed to give us. Having soft material, safe for kids’ delicate skin, so parents can be assured of choosing Wolfoo and Lucy plushies as gifts for their children. Let Wolfoo and Lucy be with your kids on this new journey.

2. Wolfoo Easter Eggs T-shirt

Instead of plushies, T-shirts are perfect items as Easter gifts for children. Your kids will love the Wolfoo’s T-shirt with colorful easter eggs printed. Children will look outstanding and energetic in a cool cotton shirt at the Easter egg hunt. When giving children the Wolfoo’s Easter Day T-shirt, parents can tell their children the story about the egg image, meaning life and rebirth, which appears on Easter day because it is connected with the resurrection of Jesus. That way, your child will remember the meaning of this holiday and not just hunt for easter eggs.

3. Wolfoo and Pando Play Easter Eggs Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Another meaningful gift that parents can give their children on Easter Day 2023 is the Wolfoo Wooden Jigsaw and Pando Play Easter Eggs. With an Easter theme, the wooden puzzle features Wolfoo and Pando sitting together to decorate eggs for Easter. The puzzles are made from environmentally-friendly fiber wood, non-toxic and odorless, so parents can be assured that it is safe for their children to play. Besides, the quality and durability of the Wolfoo puzzle are guaranteed. Using modern technology, puzzles' colors are clear and vibrant, and we can ensure they won't fade after many uses. Wooden jigsaw puzzles help children develop logical thinking, creativity, patience, and problem-solving skills. Your children will learn to combine hand and eye while putting the puzzle pieces together.

4. Lucy Hoppy Easter Day Pillow

Besides stuffed animals and toys, parents can buy decorations for their child's bedrooms, for example, the Lucy Hoppy Easter Day Pillow. The printing on the pillow is Lucy hunting brightly decorated and eye-catching eggs on Easter. Lucy's little fans will be happy to have a pillow with their favorite character printed on it. The pillow has 3 different sizes suitable for children to choose from. Lucy pillow is made of soft material, kids can comfortably hug or sleep with or use to decorate the room. Parents can be assured of seeing their baby sleep better when sleeping with a pillow with their favorite cartoon character image, Lucy.

5. Wolfoo Family Easter Eggs Fleece Blanket

The last gift suggested in the top 5 is the Wolfoo Family Easter Eggs Fleece Blanket. Little fans of the Wolfoo cartoon will love to receive a warm fleece blanket with the image of the Wolfoo family playing egg hunting on Easter Sunday. Children can feel the coziness, softness, and gentleness of the blanket on their skin. This premium fleece blanket is warm but lightweight and easy to bring anywhere. It is suitable to carry for outdoor or indoor activities. For example, to use on the couch to take a nap or a movie night, to use for sleeping, in the car, or even picnic camping. Parents can choose The Wolfoo Family Easter Eggs Fleece Blanket, available in 6 sizes from XS to 2XL, depending on the usage purpose. While giving this present to your children, parents can explain again the reason everyone celebrates Easter Sunday is to celebrate when Jesus rose from the dead to be with God. Let's bring a meaningful present for your children for Easter 2023.

Why do Wolfoo’s products help in the development of children

Besides being an Easter gift that means a new beginning and a new life, Wolfoo will help children practice and develop the necessary skills and qualities. Accompanying the children on the journey of growing up, Wolfoo helps children learn to love and appreciate the gifts they receive in the same way as Jesus loved and cared for everyone. By that, kids learn to share and be grateful for the new beginning Jesus gave us. Wolfoo products bring entertaining and educational meanings for kids. For example, with Wolfoo and Lucy Plushies products, children learn to love and be responsible. Easter Eggs T-shirts help children understand the meaning of the egg image, the symbol of rebirth and life, connected with Jesus' resurrection. Or the Wolfoo Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle helps children develop and practice logical thinking, problem-solving ability, and flexibility.

With our special Easter product line, we wanted to let Wolfoo convey the true meaning of Easter to children, not just about the egg hunt or bunny, but about the new beginning Jesus had sacrificed to bring for us. As a result, children will learn to appreciate life, be grateful, and sympathize with everyone in the spirit of Easter and also anytime.

Where to buy genuine Wolfoo’s products at good prices in the USA?

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Toddlers and children may find it confusing to understand the true meaning of Easter, the death and resurrection of Jesus, so Wolfoo will help parents explain it to them through a line of special products for Easter. It is the unselfish love, the sacrifice of Jesus to erase everyone's sins so that everyone can receive forgiveness and start a new beginning.