Welcome to the Official Wolfoo World Store website. We have built a store full of products inspired by our cartoon characters, Wolfoo and friends. Our customers can find kids apparel, parents apparel, kids toys, and home decorations at our online store. Besides daily clothes, parents can buy Wolfoo’s toys, such as wooden jigsaw puzzles or paper cardboard puzzles, to stimulate children's curiosity and inquisitiveness. Let's find out more about the educational and entertaining values.

What does Wolfoo World have?

What is Wolfoo World?

Wolfoo World is where we share meaningful stories to help children learn and practice skills and behaviors from Wolfoo cartoon.

Wolfoo is a story about a 5-year-old boy named Wolfoo, who lives with his family on a hill in a small American village. Wolfoo is intelligent, agile, inquisitive. Wolfoo and his friends explore the world through everyday stories with family, friends, teachers, and neighbors. Wolfoo’s best friends are Pando and Kat. They are kind, inquisitive, and love to help others. In contrast, in the world of Wolfoo, there are Bufo and Piggy, the two naughty, disruptive, and loving teasing friends. Two groups of friends often fall into situations they do not know whether to laugh or cry. 

Wolfoo character sketches children from 5 to 8 years old. The world of Wolfoo shows the close correlation between the characters with each other and between the characters and the surrounding environment.

The cute and mischievous Wolfoo has conquered millions of families and children. Wolfoo’s YouTube Channels have achieved 2 diamond buttons, more than 2 billion monthly views, and the Top 50 YouTube channels with the most views. From the original version in English, the Wolfoo series has also been translated into many other languages, for example Wolfoo in Spanish, Wolfoo in French, Wolfoo Russian, Wolfoo Indonesia, Wolfoo Chinese, Wolfoo Japan, Wolfoo in Hindi, Wolfoo in Portuguese,...

The film is considered a breakthrough in Vietnamese animation that meets the criteria of entertaining and engaging cartoons. Moreover, it is full of educational lessons that are inserted cleverly in each episode.

Wishing to bring Wolfoo closer to parents and children, the production team built Wolfoo World Store selling products bearing the image and imprint of Wolfoo and friends. These products will contribute to helping Wolfoo’s fans satisfy their passion for learning, playing, and living with Wolfoo. We have been developing a massive range of Wolfoo merchandise that exploit images and values from animated videos, including baby apparels, parents apparels, toys, and home decoration.

Our kids' toys can support the development of the elements that shape their abilities, necessary skills and train their comprehensive thinking. Wolfoo’s plushies help kids learn to share, feel love, and share with friends. Wooden jigsaw puzzles will increase creativity, logical thinking, and patience when solving problems. By spending time playing with children, parents can emotionally attach and increase the bond between parents and children.

Wolfoo, along with educational values, will help develop 12 qualities in children: courage, gratitude, creativity, humility, teamwork, curiosity, integrity, perseverance, empathy, communication, self-control, and compassion.

What information do Wolfoo's blogs provide?

Furthermore, Wolfoo World Store has developed various special product lines for international holidays to celebrate with children. We want to convey knowledge and the importance of traditional culture to children. So that, children will appreciate, maintain and cherish traditional culture.

  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Easter Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Independence Day

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What does Wolfoo World have?

Aside from the cartoon about Wolfoo's daily life, we have Wolfoo’s special movie series lines. These series will give children a different experience with Wolfoo’s daily life cartoon.

  • Wolfoo in the Wizard Kingdom
  • Wolfoo the Adventurer 1
  • Wolfoo the Adventurer 2
  • Wolfoo the Adventurer 3
  • Wolfoo the Adventurer 4
  • Wolfoo 2nd SERIES

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Accompanying their children in the journey of growing up and developing themselves, parents and children may face many difficulties and obstacles. But don't worry, Wolfoo World Store is here. Let Wolfoo bring to your children meaningful experiences and lessons.

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