Kat family: A wisdom family

Kat family: A wisdom falily

 Kat is one of Wolfoo's friends, and she comes from the Kat family. Her parents, Kat's mom and Kat's dad, are both loving and supportive. Although they don't appear as often as some other characters in Wolfoo's adventures, they're always there for Kat when she needs them.


- 5 years old (a close friend of Wolfoo)
- Personalities: Intelligent, like a young expert, strong, calm (but often cry when her toys are stolen), knowledgeable, but not perfect. Often being a arbitrator for Wolfoo and Pando.
- Characteristics: Pushing glasses to think, not good at singing, often use fake books to investigate when encountering difficult situations.

KAT’S DAD (Mr. Kat)

- Occupations: Scientist (Crafting and possessing many modern objects)
-Personalities: Serious, enjoy doing scientific researches and not like other things
- Characteristics: Often have smudged image appearance, then wipe off dust to be clean. He usually looks glassy-eyed while thinking.

KAT’S MOM (Mrs. Kat)

- Occupations: teacher
- Personalities: A standard teacher, knowledgeable, happy and loves students
- Characteristics: She is a close customer of Wolfoo's mother.