Piggy family: A cunning family

Piggy family: a cunning family

The Piggy family in the Wolfoo cartoon series is known to be a cunning family, led by their patriarch, Piggy. They are always scheming and planning to get what they want, often resorting to sneaky tactics. Despite their deceptive nature, they are a tight-knit family and fiercely loyal to each other. Piggy is the head of the family and is known for his shrewdness and quick thinking. He is always looking for ways to outsmart his opponents and get ahead.


- 5 years old (Wolfoo’s friend)
- Personalities: Like eating and sleeping (pando’s rival in eating and sleeping), silly
(but more cunning than Pando), Often appear dangerous, messing and disruptive
- Characteristics: Piggy often become solf-hearted when meeting KAT

Mom PIGGY (Mrs. Pig)

- Occupation: selling (everything);
- Personalities :Shrewish, often sell goods to other families when she's unable to sell in the market