Wolfoo characters in wolfoo cartoon

Wolfoo World is the world including a lot of stories around the main character,5-year-old one, named Wolfoo. He lives with his family in a small American

village located on a hill. Wolfoo is intelligent, nimble, eager to learn, but
dignifited. Wolfoo and his friends explore the would through daily stories about
family, friends, teachers, neighbors; through modern objects of Dr. Kat, a special
powerful Alien friend; and through characterized objects around Wolfoo.
- Pando & Kat are the best friends of Wolfoo. They are kind, inquisitive and like to
help others. In contrast, in the world of Wolfoo, there exist other naughty and
teasing friends, Bufo & Piggy. These two groups of friends often make up odd as
well as funny stories.
- The character Wolfoo depicts a poitrait a child aged from 5 to 8 years old;
- This world also describes the close relationship among characters, between
characters and their living environment.