Wolfoo family

WOLFOO - 5 years old (The Main Character)

- Personalities: He is active, eager to learn, likes to help and loves his sister. Wolfoo always has faith in a beautiful and loving world. His weak point is that he has pride like dignity.
- Characteristics: Good sniffing, having immature howls and admiring Superman

DAD (Mr. Wolf)

- Occupation: Construction engineer
- Personalities: Happy, enjoy playing with Wolfoo; good at professional, but clumsy with other things
- Characteristics: Wolfoo loves and admire his dad. He likes to sketch drawings and to build model with Daddy.

MOM (Mrs. Wolf)

- Occupation: Housewife, growing flowers, selling flowers and handmade goods
- Personalities: She is gentle, handy and cooks well
- Characteristics: Strictly teaching Wolfoo

LUCY (The sister of Wolfoo) - 3 years old

- Personalities: mischievous, often throw a tantrum, likes to bully Wolfoo, but does not like others to bully Wolfoo
- Characteristics : Often play tea party and Elsa doll