Wolfoo the adventurer 2 (2nd series): Episode 1

Find out what happened to Wolfoo and friends in the first episode of 'Wolfoo The Adventurer 2' series. Watch now to discover the most exciting events in 'Wolfoo The Adventurer 2.

Episode 1:

Wolfoo had a new shark toy and he loves it so much. He met Pando and Kat to show them his new toy and they were also excited. 

However, Bufo got a better toy - an ironman robot. This made Wolfoo so jealous. Piggy told them that the toy store at the corner in town was buying this new toy so Wolfoo, Pando and Kat decided to get there but the owner of the toy store was very scary so they tried to avoid him. 

When they took the toy and got out of the store, they realized that they dropped it behind. After that, they tried to sneak into the store again and unfortunately it seemed like the owner detected them so they had to jump into a chest to hide. But, it’s not a normal chest! What happened to them?