Wolfoo the adventurer - episode 1


In episode 1 of Wolfoo The Adventurer, Wolfoo and his friends Lucy and Pando embark on a quest to find a hidden treasure. Along the way, they encounter obstacles and must work together to overcome them. The episode is filled with excitement, humor, and valuable lessons about teamwork and perseverance.

Episode 1

Wolfoo - a 7-year-old, likely a shy wolf but always dreams to be a brave, powerful and majestic knight in fairy tales. In order to reciprocate Wolfoo's wish,

one day Wolfoo happened to meet the Knight – the one with the same appearance surprisingly. After the acquaintance, Wolfoo learned that the Knight came from the parallel world (Wizard Kingdom) by the Space Gem. 

The Knight’s so excited about Wolfoo’s friends and Wolfoo's world while exploring with him. Wolfoo is extremely admired and wishes to be like the Knight - a majestic and brave one. Their common interest  has caused Wolfoo and the Knight to reluctantly swap positions.